Life Witness

The copy machine hummed as I printed out some forms for Jonathan. School was almost over for the year, and I was in the office helping with the extra work. Just then the first grade teacher came in to copy some papers for her class. She smiled at me shyly and looked like she had something she wanted to say. Then she began to talk about Hannah and Bethany. Two months earlier, when the former English teacher had to leave the school, Hannah and Bethany had started teaching English in her classroom. She talked about what a good job they were doing. She praised how they work together to help the students get the most from each lesson, and the students actually listen to them. She described the games they play with the students to help them retain the lessons they taught. She mentioned how much she enjoyed having them come and teach each day. Then she told me how much she appreciated the missionary families and the positive example they provide for the local staff. Naturally my mom heart glowed to hear such a report of appreciation for our daughters. But even more, my missionary heart glowed to know that our lives are being seen as a positive example of Christianity.
For each of you who support this project, thank you for helping us be here and live that example.

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