Let Your Light Shine

Student missionaries (SMs) have the opportunity to impact many people during their time of service. One area of influence is with missionary children. Let me tell you how one SM, Sarah Sinz, impacted my life.

Last year, my sister and I went to first grade at our project’s school to learn how to read and write the Khmer language. I loved to get to the school a bit early just so I could go and see Sarah before class started. When I went to church on Sabbath, I would always look for her, and I looked forward to the times when she taught Sabbath School. To me, Sarah was a true friend and spiritual guardian.

When Sarah first came to the Pnong Project, I quickly saw that she really cared for people. When someone needed a listening ear, she was there. When someone needed prayer, she prayed. When I needed a hug, I would go and find her.
Sarah was first trained as a teacher, and then as a preacher. When I found this out, I began to ask her questions. I told her stuff that bothered me, and I never felt judged. She constantly pointed me to Christ through her listening, caring and loving. Sarah and I were not close in age, but we were close in love. She let Jesus shine through her, and His love illuminated her, drawing me like a magnet and bringing me into a deeper fellowship with Him.

Soon after Sarah left, I decided to be baptized. This is how one SM who had a true relationship with Jesus was able to affect me.

No SM is perfect, but their witness can have a powerful effect on missionary kids. If you are an SM or want to be one, please remember that when you let Jesus shine through you, it will affect more than just the people group you go to serve.

“Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven” (Matt. 5:16).

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