Jesus’ iPhone

It’s hard for me to believe, but seven years ago before arriving in Turkey, I didn’t own a cell phone. Now I spend almost 20 hours a month talking to contacts on my cell phone. I also use it for a dictionary, a map, a Turkish Bible and a whole lot of other things.

Can you imagine if Jesus had an iPhone? Would He have muted its ringer while giving the Sermon on the Mount? Would He have paused to grab a picture of Peter and the coin in the fish’s mouth or kept a digital journal of miracles? Would He have phoned Lazarus to encourage him before he died? Can you imagine Him walking the dusty trails with His disciples with white earbud wires dangling from His ears? Surely that iPhone would have been what the soldiers would have gambled over at the foot of the cross.

The whole thought of an iPhone entering the Bible scene isn’t just ridiculous because it was so long ago but because, somehow, it just doesn’t fit with Jesus. Jesus was powerful, capable and effective without any gadgets. Neither a smart phone nor anything else could have enhanced Him. He was incredible in and of Himself, and He didn’t need any help communicating. He said, “Do you not know that I could call on my Father, and he would send twelve legions of angels?”

Yes, Jesus had something better than an iPhone. He was genuinely connected to heaven. That is why He amazes us still. He came from heaven with nothing, left with nothing and accomplished everything.

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