Is This the Place?

“Would you like to take a look at the building we have identified as a potential Center of Influence? It’s close to the river, and we think it is well situated for our purpose. We are currently negotiating the price.”

I was making one of my regular Field Director visits to Ireland to visit Patrick and Bridget Dysert, and I was keen to view their potential properties. After a short season of prayer, we set out to collect the keys from the realtor. Reaching our destination, we unlocked the doors and walked in. Our footsteps echoed through the empty room as Patrick and Bridget described their vision for a venue that will allow Irish people to enjoy a healthful drink and chat in a relaxed atmosphere. It will also give them an opportunity to browse carefully selected literature, some of which has been contextualized for the local situation, and to ask questions.

The venue needs some renovating but it certainly has potential. There is a good amount of local pedestrian traffic during the summer months, and it’s in a prime location to attract foreign visitors, too. The owners’ asking price is a little high, so negotiations continue. Please pray that if this is the right venue, the Lord will open the way to obtain it at a reasonable price.

This project requires further funding in order to reach its goal. I am keen to see this Center of Influence become a reality as soon as possible so the Dyserts and their team will have greater opportunities to engage local people in spiritual conversation.

Thank you for prayerfully considering support for this project. May God be praised through this endeavor.

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