“I Need Some-ting!”

“Mommy, mommy! I neeeed some-ting!”

“What do you need baby boy?”

“I need some-ting.”

“Okay darling. This pot is about to boil over, so let me finish what I’m doing, and then I’ll help you.”

“Okay.” He cheerfully wandered away.

Not a minute later: “Mommy, mommy! I need some-ting.”

I again explained my predicament. Huffing and puffing, he shuffled away only to immediately return a third time. I was getting a bit annoyed. I needed him to wait.

Suddenly it hit me: How many times have I become impatient with God’s delays, huffing and puffing when I don’t get things in my timing and in my way?

At AFM orientation we were given instructions for building a support team. We were told we would need to start as soon as possible in order to come to training in 2019, and even then it would be a stretch. My stress level skyrocketed after our adoption attorney told us, “Do not tell anyone about these mission plans. It could damage our case!” (See our January 2019 article for more about that story.)

So we did no presentations for five months. We anxiously sought the Lord for guidance. We felt impressed to begin building our support team and trust Him to take care of our efforts to adopt “our son.” I kept wondering how we could accomplish in seven months what would be difficult even in twelve months. We could not dedicate nearly as much time as had been suggested with Chris working long hours, us living an hour away from our partners, and no consistent childcare. It seemed impossible, and I began to huff and puff!

The Lord said, “I will supply ALL your needs . . . Ask and ye shall receive.” We asked, and He gave us answers that encouraged us to keep asking. So we have continued to ask, and He has continued to provide through you, our loving partners.

Thank you for allowing God to use you to remind us that He always hears our petitions. He knows that we “need some-ting,” and He is working diligently to provide for our every need in His time and in His way.

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