How my adventure began

It was 3 o’clock Sunday morning and I was waking up for my travels to Michigan for training. This was the culmination of all my planning to training and the beginning of a new adventure. To save my mom the hour and a half trip I had found a ride with some friends who were driving past the airport. Once I arrived at the airport there were lines of people, so I snaked towards the check-in counter. I decided that for identification I would my passport since I felt it would be easier to access than my driver’s license. Once I was done at the check-in counter I headed for security. About half way there I realized that I didn’t know where my passport was, so I rummaged through my backpack and came up with nothing. I must have left it at check-in. Off I went retracing my steps. From what I remembered I had left the passport on the ledge under the kiosk. Since there were so many people and I didn’t want to have anyone get mad at me for invading their privacy, I thought I would sneak in spot my passport on the ledge and sneak out. The plan worked except I didn’t see my passport. As I was walking away I hear someone say “Cami line” I turn and the lady behind the counter is holding my passport. What a relief!
The rest of the way to the plane was pretty uneventful. Since I was one of the last people who could board I watched people board the plane and as I did I noticed a lady who seemed a little disorganized and out spoken. I didn’t think much of it until I boarded the plane. I slowly walked down the aisle of the plane looking for a sit as I neared the back of the plane there was a row that had only one person in it, the lady I had noticed in the airport. She was sitting next to the window and I decided to sit on the aisle sit. I was finding my seatbelt when the last few people were coming on the plane. In this group of people was a couple who were heading back from their honeymoon. The husband was a tall broad shouldered man. He asked if he could have the middle seat, but I decided it would be easier if I took the middle seat. So I slid over to give him the aisle seat. I attempted to carry on a conversation with the man, but it died after a little while. I ended up eavesdropping on the conversation behind me instead. Near the end of the flight I started reading some in “The Desire of Ages” about the disciples falling asleep while Jesus prayed in the garden of Gethsemane. Jesus wanted them to stay awake with Him, but when they didn’t He looked on them with mercy. After reading about Jesus love I wanted to share it with someone. I then felt impressed to give a “Steps to Christ” to the lady next to me. During the whole time we were descending I was trying to figure out how I would present it. There were a few times I thought of chickening out and putting the book in the seat back pocket for the next person on the plane. During the thought process I had the assurance that I was loved no matter what I did and that stepping out of my comfort zone would help me grow. As we landed the lady next to me said “hallelujah”, it had been a pretty bumpy ride, I responded with an “amen” I asked her if she was much of a reader, “some what” was her answer. So I inquired if she would like to have the book. She was a little suspicious of taking the book say that she read the Bible and ask if I read the Bible also. After assuring her that I read the Bible too she took the “Steps to Christ”. Shortly after that she explained that she was flying into Chicago to attend her uncle’s funeral. She had been close to him and she was having a hard imagining life without him. After she shared I was able to pray with her. About that time we were pulling up to the gate and were preparing to get off and parted ways. When I finally got to baggage claim she had already found the person who was picking her up. I waved as I past her and I heard her say to her companion “that girl was so nice…” Then I was out of earshot. I felt so good about myself after that. It didn’t take long to find my bags and head out to the bus stop. As I was waiting I started to have a conversation with a gentleman who was waiting too. We were asking questions back and forth and then he asked why I was going to be a missionary. I told him how I ended up being an SM. he responded with “that is how you became a missionary, but why are you going to be a missionary?” I wasn’t sure how to answer and it has given me something to think about.


Hi, Camilyn,
We are always safe in stepping out of our comfort zones when God prompts us to do that. And you are right, we do grow—and learn.

Are you in Cambodia now?  I see your launch goal is not quite complete. Is that true?

We are continuing with the Quran and Bible study group at UC. Would love to have your presence, but you have stepped up to the next level in your ministry. Keep us in prayer.

Keep your eyes on Jesus. Stretch yourself into areas that challenge your faith in God’s power. He longs to have you ask great things of Him.

Your friend and brother,
Russell Thomas

By Russell Thomas on October 23 2016, 9:55 am

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