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Back in early April, another wave of COVID-19 infections hit Bangkok. After nearly a year of very few cases being reported throughout Thailand, new cases began popping up all over the country, and we were forced to go back into lockdown again. We had to close the creative learning center for two months because we were not allowed to have any in-person teaching or activities inside the building.

However, we were able to continue working with the children and caregivers in the community at their homes. As a result, we were able to connect with many new families in several neighboring villages as well as reconnect with other families.

Photos A and D: When we do activities or read books with the children in their homes, we also invite caregivers or other family members into the learning process.

Photo B: Several caregivers have commented that they appreciate how consistently we come to teach and play with their children.

Photo C: Many of the children are hungry for mental stimulation other than playing with their cell phones or watching TV. It is fun to watch them come alive when we challenge them to try something new.

Photo E: During lockdown, we spent most of our time walking from village to village to read books or do arts-and-crafts projects with the children. We also read Bible stories to the children and spent time playing with them. Most of their caregivers work hard every day just to provide for the children’s physical needs. We play a significant role in the community to help care for the children’s social/emotional needs and education.

Photo F: During the lockdown, we worked on a community engagement initiative for several weeks to distribute children’s books to caregivers and to encourage them to read to their children.

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