Hi, Nancy

It is 9 a.m. and the street is buzzing with activity. The local dogs and cats find sanctuary on the fake grass we installed on our porch. Chickens have breakfast and water buffalo graze majestically in the lush, open field across from our home. And, looking up, we see our neighbor in the coconut tree picking nature’s bounty.

In one hour, neighborhood children will show up for their daily school session. They visit us often, coming and going as they please, though we have set up a special time for them to draw, color and play with legos. We enjoy watching them as they interact with each other and we carefully listen to all the unfamiliar sounds of their language.

More children come over. They bring their friends with them and we appreciate their sense of community. They share everything. They sit together, helping each other and asking questions such as, “Teacher, what is this?” and “What color should I make this?” We are amazed that they play together without fighting.
Some older children join the group. We notice that when the older children correct the younger ones, they do so in such a caring way.

When they finish their activities, the children put away their blocks, books and pencils. We think they are about to leave when they all shout, “Teacher, Hi, Nancy,” something they have done since we first came to this neighborhood. Deon and I look at each other, confused. Who is Nancy? Then, one of the older children starts counting. All the children begin frantically scrambling for a hiding place. Some hide behind Deon; others take refuge under the stairs and some behind the curtains. Our house fills with joy and laughter.

Deon and I look at each other as we realize who Nancy is. Hi, Nancy is Hide and Seek.

Often we play Hi, Nancy with God. We know who He is, but we don’t acknowledge Him. We don’t realize that He is our life, our breath, our existence and that everything we are is because of Him. We think that we can hide from God, then turn back around and seek Him when we need Him. We forget that He has seen the game of Hi, Nancy much longer than we have.

Would you please pray that God will give us hearts to see and eyes to find our friends and neighbors who may unknowingly hide from Him?

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