Help for the Harvester

“Harvest has started. Everyone is in the field over there,” the shopkeeper called to me. Soon I was bending over with about 15 other people harvesting rice. I have harvested rice before, but I am still not an expert. Soon my back ached, but I kept going, trying to keep up with the others.

“Hold the sickle this way. You’ll cut your hand if you hold it like that.”

“You are cutting the rice too short, cut it longer.”

“Stack it like this.” Those around me instructed me patiently. It didn’t look hard to do, but putting it all together wasn’t easy. Slowly I improved, and I was able to help instead of providing comic relief for the others as they watched a foreigner attempt to do something they have done from childhood.

Just as I needed the help of my Tai-Kadai friends so I could harvest rice better, I also need your help as I continue sharing God’s love with the Tai-Kadai people. Your prayers and financial support help make this work possible. Will you consider becoming a financial partner as I continue sharing the good news of Jesus’ soon coming with my Tai-Kadai friends?

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