God Provides

“Jader and Claudia have to go back earlier than we expected,” Jonathan reported to me.

This was very disappointing news. Jader and Claudia are a young married couple who were serving as student missionaries for this school year. They had made a great impact in youth ministries as well as teaching many classes at the school. Their early departure was sad on a personal level, and covering their classes would put our school in a hard situation.

“What are you going to do about their classes?” I asked Jonathan.

“I’ve been praying about it, and I believe that God will provide,” Jonathan replied confidently. “This has been His school from the beginning and still is. He will provide for its needs like He has done in the past.”

I didn’t see how we could cover all of Jader’s and Claudia’s classes, but Jonathan’s faith was contagious. With him, I put the problem in God’s hands.

A few days later we received a message from a friend in another part of the country. He knew a lady who was interested in a teaching position at our school! Could this be God’s solution?

After communicating with the lady a bit more and conducting an interview, we found she would meet our need nicely and could come just in time to take over Jader’s and Claudia’s classes. After she arrived, we also learned that this job was a significant answer to prayer for her.

Not only did God provide for our need, He did it in a way that built our faith and our new teacher’s faith as well. What a wonderful God we serve!

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