This Wednesday coming… the ninth of July… I will be three weeks in Guinea…and I have so much to share with you!!
I had a good trip with a challenging hiccup in Bamako, the capital of Mali, but I praise God for He brought me safely through it.

Isatta was at the airport in Conakry to meet me unfortunately Fred could not be there as he had to urgently visit one of the workers in????
It was a joyful meeting between Isatta and myself… we shared without stopping up to a few kilometres from Fria…when both of us fell asleep.

I have a lovely three bedroom house and I love it…thank you Fred Isatta and children for the sacrifice all of you made so that I could have this house

The Coker family truly has just accepted me and made me part of the family…we have had many laughs… spiritual heights…learning curves…and believe it or not a late Sunday afternoon meal as a family round the big table… and now wait for it you won’t believe this…eating Pizza…yes you read it correctly… eating pizza… mind you VEGAN PIZZA IN AFRICA!!
It was just as much fun making it with a lot of… should we or should we not use this… and the kids coming in with great excitement to see how far we were in making the pizza

It is the month of Ramadan for the Muslims and every morning and evening when it is quiet and I hear the Muslims praying their prayer with so much sincerity my heart tremble’s for them.

“…the lost will in that Great Day of God realize what they have lost…eternal life and the immortal inheritance…and that the door will be shut as was the door of the ark in Noah’s days…now they realise what they might have been had they received Christ, and improved the opportunities granted them…” RH Sept 4 1883. As I read in the same piece words like… deception… specious errors seeming true and correct but in reality false…subtleness…ensnaring… something within me cries out to God that I will allow Him to give me that deep understanding of the commitment towards the lost that He longs to put within our hearts and mind.

In spite of all the knowledge and opportunities you and I have we do not understand our debt that we have towards the lost who are caught up and bound with the deceptive chains of Satan.

So many of us do not realize that WHEN we accept Christ we ALSO accept His commission which places us under the obligation of labouring for any person who is blinded by the deceptions of Satan… believing and understanding in their human thoughts that the pathway they are walking in the right one.

As you read I plead with you… as missionaries back home to pray with me…that we would not just pray…but that we would go to God’s throne in earnest supplication… asking that He would so heavily lay a burden on our hearts that it will bring us down on our knees…pleading with Him to do a work of deep sorrow within our hearts…which will cause us to intercede with Godly love born out of the realization of what the lost will be losing in that Great Day of God.

I do believe that for as long as God grants me to work in Guinea my story will be a story of… joyful mountain top experiences… victory over the enemy of God in His power…healing… peace… love and unity…BUT because it is a very human story playing of right in the centre of the Great Controversy it will also for sure be a story of defeat…humiliation…deep valley experiences…spiritual challenges… sorrow and pain…and because I am aware of my own weaknesses within…discouragement… impatience…weak faith and much more…I ask you to please remember me in your prayer

I pray that we as God’s children may have a strong muscular faith… well practiced… so that during our times of challenges we will have the assurance in our hearts that our “I AM GOD” IS A GOD THAT DOES NOT…THAT CAN NOTWORK APART FROM LOVE

Please also pray for Adja and Mori they are a Muslim couple and she has diabetes. Her fasting blood sugar reading was 14.1 on Wednesday the 2/7/14 (not 12.1 as I first wrote to Lindi) this morning 7/7/14 it has come down to 5.06. Please pray for protection from the evil one because I believe God wants to open a vast field of labour in the health message which is the opening wedge in bring Jesus Christ and Him crucified to His children.

Mori and Adja are so happy and excited… please pray for guidance and wisdom… and lots and lots of patience and love to walk the path with both of them that they may see and experience Jesus in flesh.

May each one of you daily experience the true picture of who God is as you walk with Him and experience His tender love.

God Bless


Hey, Laurie! Your Dundee church family are holding you up in prayer.  Keep strong, sister!

By Kevin & Marlene on July 10 2014, 6:01 am

Dear Laurie & Coker family!  God bless you all! God is working thru each and everyone of you, even the children!  Stay close to God, as I’m sure you do.  Check out my blog: http://encouragementfromdeb.blogspot.com

By debra m on July 12 2014, 4:49 pm

Hi dame, ge***** van julle elektriesiteit probleme, glo julle het baie uitdagings, maar ons weet dat Die Liewe Vader ook daar saam met jou is. Mag Hy jou vashou en elke tree dra!………

Dink aan jou!!…………….

By nico on July 21 2014, 6:31 am

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