God at Work in Fria

A very hot greeting from the town Fria in Guinea! Today   it is already a month since I arrived. I can’t believe how quickly time has flown. By God’s grace, I am adjusting to life in Fria. There is lots of work to do here, with many rewards and challenges.
More and more sick people are pouring in as they discover there is someone to help them. So far, all of them are Muslims. I’m working with a lady named Hadja who has diabetes. Her blood sugar has come down from 14.1 to 5.8, but my biggest challenge is to convince her to make permanent lifestyle changes. Wow, that requires patience! Please pray for Hadja.
We have a big youth group that is hungry for spiritual food. I have been asked to do a week of prayer and speak on the Holy Spirit. We will begin the week of prayer three Sabbaths from now. Please pray heaven’s blessings on this event.
Life is very different here with no electricity. Most days for the past two weeks, there has been little or no water flowing. Another prayer, please!
We are also developing a training program. There is so much work, and I just want to tell you that your prayers and donations have already done so much in the past month.
Our God does nothing apart from love. I see His love for me in holding back a rainy-season downpour until I am safe at home. I see His love in the big eyes of a little boy full of questions. God is good. Even in the challenges I see His goodness.
May you daily experience His goodness. You are in our prayers every morning when we have team worship. Each one of you is a part of our team.

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