Full Circle in Mongolia

“Taking hold courageously of the work that needs to be done and putting the heart into it, makes the work a pleasure and brings success. Thus God is glorified.”
Evangelism, p. 645, E.G. White

In 1990, Brad and Cathie Jolly boarded a train for Mongolia and the unknown. They didn’t speak the language or know anyone, yet they went anyway. God has brought their persevering efforts full circle, and we got to see it first hand.

Recently, while in South Korea, we met a sweet, newlywed couple. Bilguun is a theology student at Sahmyook University. We were impressed with his English capabilities. He informed us that he was from Mongolia. We asked him if he had ever heard of Brad and Cathie Jolly. His eyes lit up as he told us that they were the ones who led his father to Jesus. The ripple effect of the Jollys’ work continues as Bilguun is becoming a pastor and wants to eventually go and serve amongst the unreached of his people.

Our hearts soared to hear how the Lord blessed the labors of Brad and Cathie! We immediately sent this picture with a note to some of the staff at the home office. When one hears of the work continuing long past when the missionaries leave, we all rejoice together!

Now is a time to sing praises to the Lord because people like you make this possible through your prayers, love of the unreached and sacrificial giving! Thank you for being a part of this team committed to reaching the world for Jesus.

We solicit your prayers for this young couple and all the projects around the world. May God continue raising up young people to serve Him. Stay faithful. Jesus is coming very soon!

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