From Discouragement to Excitement

God sent me to minister as a student missionary in my home country of Cambodia. Mondulkiri, where the AFM Pnong Project is located, is one of the most beautiful parts of Cambodia. From my house up on a mountain, I can look out and see fields with mountains rising behind them. The morning sunshine is lovely, and at night I can see so many stars in the sky.

But I wasn’t quite so happy and thankful when I first arrived at the Pnong Project. I thought I would be teaching English to first through fourth grades. Then I was surprised to learn that I would be teaching fourth grade in the Khmer language at the Pnong school. Also, I learned that I would be wearing a uniform at school, which I wasn’t prepared for. I felt discouraged, but I prayed that God would change my heart and help me accept the work He had for me to do. I went to visit my high-school teacher in Phnom Penh, and he encouraged me, saying he was confident that I would do well teaching in Khmer.

Now I am greatly enjoying my work on the Pnong Project. I love spending time with my fourth-grade students. The children always make my day. We go on a nature outing once a week. It is a great chance for my students to relax and feel refreshed, and to gain new understanding about God. After school hours, I had a great time learning how to ride a motorbike. My friend taught me in only two days. It was a real adventure to learn to drive it up and down the mountain. I felt so blessed to overcome my fear. Praise God, now I can drive the motorbike to school.

God has blessed me here in Cambodia, teaching me to adapt to challenges and overcome my fears in His strength.

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