Fenced In

Peep, peep, peep! I listened to the chicks as they hatched. One of my favorite parts about having pet chickens is when new chicks hatch. They are so soft and cute! I love watching them develop. Many people don’t realize that, just like most other animals, chickens have their own personalities and ways of communicating. One kind of clucking tells the others about food they have found, another call lets the flock know that they just laid an egg, and another type of cluck signals danger. Chickens have many other calls to let their flock mates know what is going on.

One morning while I was washing dishes in the house, I heard panicked squawking coming from the backyard. I ran outside and found that a neighbor dog had invaded our yard and was helping himself to a chick breakfast. I chased him out with a stick, but I was saddened to see that I had lost two of my cute little chicks to his sharp teeth.

I found the hole in the fence where the dog had squeezed through. As my dad and I worked to fix the hole and protect the chicks from another canine invasion, we talked about how we are like those little chicks. How many times has God gone to great trouble to fix fences for us, and we aren’t even aware of His precautions? How often has He protected us from our enemy’s invasions when we didn’t have any idea of what He was doing? I know my care for my chicks is nothing compared to God’s love for me. I can’t wait to hear His stories of protecting, and all the things He has done to care for me that I have no idea about.

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