Faith Is…

When I became a missionary, I envisioned myself as a teacher full of answers and wisdom, demonstrating faith and trust to new followers of Christ. Little did I know that at times I would be the student and they would be the teachers. Here is a story of faith from my friend, Brenda:

“I was helping a friend take a family member to the hospital. I was hesitant to help because my motorbike was almost out of gas, and I didn’t have any money to buy more. But I felt it would be wrong not to help. After all, I am a Christian, and Christians should always help others. So I agreed and took the sick person to the city hospital nearly an hour away.

“On the trip back, I looked down at the gas gauge. It indicated the tank was empty. We were still a long way from home, and I knew we would run out of gas soon, so I prayed and asked God to provide the gas we needed to get home. When I finished praying, I looked at the gas gauge again and was shocked. The needle now showed the tank was full! There was enough gas to make another complete round trip! I praised God and decided right then that whenever He gives me an opportunity to help someone, regardless of my own resources, I will help because I know that He will provide the means.”

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