Eye of Faith

“But Elijah kept on praying, and sent the servant a second time, and a third, and still more times. God had said there would be rain. Elijah knew that rain would come, and he proposed to do his part to bring it. So he prayed for the sixth time, and still the word came, ‘No rain’. But Elijah prayed again, and the seventh time the servant returned and said he saw a cloud about the size of a man’s hand. That was enough for Elijah.”
General Conference Bulletin, June 6, 1913, p. 290, EG White

How did Elijah know it would rain? God told him. We also have a sure word of prophecy telling us that there will be an abundant falling of rain in the last days. Are we continuing with the same unyielding persistence of Elijah in prayer for the rain of the Holy Spirit upon mankind?

Elijah did not know it would take seven times to pray before the first sign was evident. He did not know if he would feel a mist, or smell it on the air, or see a cloud in the distance. He only knew that he needed to keep his eyes on the Lord, trust in His promise and that the answer would come.

Be encouraged. We, too, can have eyes of faith. It will take an effort by us, just like it did by Elijah. We must earnestly believe the Lord is able to perform that which He has promised. We need to diligently make the beautiful promises in the Word our own personal affirmations from God. We have to keep our eyes on Jesus perseveringly. We need to stay faithful, brethren.

“Now when these things begin to happen,
look up and lift up your heads,
because your redemption draws near.”
Luke 21:28

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