Excuses? Or Just Go!

I sat in church listening to this man tell me all the reasons why he couldn’t go to the mission field. His list included a mortgage, a new baby, more schooling and a car payment. At another church, a young woman asked, “How can I get into the mission field?” After a few questions and prayer, she filled out the application on AFM’s website.

What makes the difference between these two people? Both want to go. One has many excuses, but the other only sees an opportunity to serve. It is really an act of faith to go and serve. Everyone has reasons why they should stay, but God said, “Go!”

How is it for you? Have you said, “Lord, You can sell my house, take care of my new baby, help me with schooling no matter where I am and even pay for my car. Only You can get me out of debt and make it possible for me to go and serve.”

Whatever your challenges, God can help you. Age is no longer a factor in service either. If you are at least 18 and younger than 100 (health permitting), AFM can use you in the mission field to share the love of Jesus Christ.

As Diane and I look for missionaries in Australia, Canada and beyond, please pray for the softening of hearts and that the excuses will melt into submission and willingness to go wherever the Lord leads.

The great commission is everyone’s call. Answer it or send someone in your place. Do not waste another day without fulfilling God’s directive. Your life will make a difference, and others will know Jesus Christ because you served or sent.

What are you waiting for? Join us today in reaching the unreached, and see how God opens the way.

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