Exceedingly and Abundantly

For many years I, along with others at AFM, have been praying for more missionaries to go to the world’s unreached. How amazing it is to see what the Lord is doing to exceedingly and abundantly answer those prayers!
Since returning from South Korea in October, we have rejoiced at how God is orchestrating the details to bring about AFM-Korea. The Lord willing, it will officially open by the time you read this article. Praise the Lord!
Additionally, Arnold and I should be, God willing, in Romania during March and April preparing to open the AFM-Europe office. Glory goes to Him alone!
These countries have lacked a mission-sending organization for laypeople to serve cross-culturally. While in Korea, people said that AFM should have been there ten years ago. Then, when sharing with church members in the United States about Romania, a brother commented that he wished AFM would have been there ten years ago.
Both times, I have thought, God knows no delay, and His timing is perfect.
We are rejoicing at how the Lord is bringing opportunities for laborers to reach the unreached of the world. What a privilege it is to be a part of it, too.
Please pray for missionaries to be sent from AFM (USA), AFMS (Canada), AFM-SAT (South Africa), AFM-Brazil, AFM-Korea and AFM-Europe.

Time is short, and the harvest truly is ripe!

It is time to “Go!” and share the gospel with the world.

Do you hear the voice of the Lord calling you to be a part of His answers to the many prayers ascending for missionaries? Sign up today and be a part of His last-day work!

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