Editorial: June 2019

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This month, Adventist Frontiers magazine has a split personality. If you start reading at this end, you will find our typical compliment of high-quality missionary-penned articles. But if you flip this magazine over and start reading from the back, you will find a completely different magazine aimed at drawing kids into the joyful challenge of mission.

Why do we devote a major chunk of this magazine to children? It’s not because we have pages to squander or because we are seeking to entertain. No, we see great value in planting seeds of mission service in young hearts. We want children to internalize the notion that they can be missionaries, too. And we want to honor the invaluable contribution that children are making right now to our ministry to the unreached.

Yes, children are active, productive AFM missionaries, too! In fact, they perform and enable ministry that their parents could not accomplish alone. This is because AFM’s model for ministry is incarnational—our missionaries physically go to the unreached, living among them for years and decades, preaching more eloquently with their daily lives than with their words. And what demonstration of the gospel’s power is more telling than raising a child in the Lord under the watching eyes of an unreached people group? And who can somersault over cultural barriers, shinny up walls of suspicion and drop down laughing into the hearts of an unreached community? Only missionary kids can do that.

Pray for missionary kids. Support missionary kids. Raise missionary kids.

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