Editorial: July 2020

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This month, Adventist Frontiers is two magazines in one. Starting from this end, you can read our usual fresh reports from our mission projects around the world. But if you flip this magazine over, you will find our annual special edition for kids.

Why do we dedicate one-third of this issue to our youngest readers? Adventist Frontiers magazine exists for three reasons: to raise awareness of the world’s unreached people, to raise support for unreached missions, and to raise up new missionaries to the unreached. This third reason is why we think it’s so important to reach out to young people.
Over the years, I have read a lot of missionary testimonies of what brought them to the decision to dedicate their lives to reaching the unreached. For about two thirds, the mission seed was planted when they were very young. When children read inspiring mission stories, or when they hear a missionary’s first-hand account, something life-changing can take place. As they catch a vision for mission service and harness the power of their imaginations to put themselves in the redemption story of the lost, they take the first steps in a Spirit-led journey that eventually propels them to the ends of the earth.

So this is my prayer this month, and I hope it’s your prayer, too: May the Lord consecrate the stories in this magazine, and may the young eyes who read them catch a new sparkle as the Holy Spirit whispers, “I have a calling and a place for you out there, too.”

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