Eating Together!

My friend invited me to her home for dinner and a play date, for which I was really excited. Usually, she comes to our home for Sabbath school when we host it. It had been several weeks since we had seen each other, and finally, our schedules coincided.

My friend’s thoughtfulness moved me in making sure she had vegetarian food for us to eat. She had planned a late afternoon playtime outside on the trampoline for the kids and dinner afterward. We had a lovely time catching up, and when dinner time came around, she told her children we were going to pray, to which they said, “We don’t pray.”

“True,” she replied, “But I like what Claudette says in her prayers.” Her statement was such a blessing because I always pray at my house and often wonder how those unused to prayer feel when I do so before our meals.

Let us remember that everything we do makes a difference. Let us use this to our advantage, being intentional about everything we do—for God’s glory.

Thank you for your prayers and support because, without them, we could not be here, experiencing all the divine appointments that God has for us. May God’s blessings be on your divine appointments as you strive for an intentional life.

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