Dreams and Miracles

Joy filled Ernie’s heart as he and I stood side by side. In front of us, a group of highlanders listened intently to every word we said. He felt fulfillment and purpose that had long been missing from his life. After his marriage, the responsibilities of caring and providing for a family had distracted him from God’s first calling on his heart. Now that he and I were teamed up and teaching together, he felt that he was back where God intended him to be.

As we taught together, Ernie noticed that many rejected our teaching. Some turned deaf ears to us; others actively tried to fight against us. However, to our delight, a few here and there bravely took their stand for the truth and joined us.

The dream slowly faded into darkness, and Ernie gradually awoke. The joy and fulfillment he had felt in his dream as we worked together lingered on. A great longing began to grow in him—a longing to come back to a deep relationship with God. A longing to work for the salvation of the lost. A longing to work next to me.

God often gives dreams and works miracles in places where the truth is reaching people for the first time. Witnessing these extraordinary acts of God is one of the rewards of frontier mission work. Many people ask me why they don’t see such miracles where they are. Come and join me in working to proclaim Christ where His name is not known, and together we can glorify God as He fulfills His promises to give dreams and work miracles wherever His gospel is preached (Mark 16:17, Joel 2:28).

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