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Dot sat on a hospital bed with a thin blanket draped over her, looking scared and out of place in the large room filled with people waiting for surgery. Her husband Lima, sitting beside her, stood to greet us as we walked toward them. This young couple from Dumchi village had traveled to the hospital in Phnom Penh so Dot could have gallbladder surgery. Our teammate, Greg, had helped them get to the city and meet with the doctors, but he had to return to the province before it was Dot’s turn to have surgery. Greg asked us to stop in and visit the couple while we were on our supply trip in the capital.

During this first meeting, Dot was shy and quiet, but before we left, she asked us to pray for her. The next day, I was surprised when she greeted us warmly and began talking as if we were long-time friends. She told us how much she missed her little boy and girl who were staying at home with her mother. She chatted about her family, and her face radiated happiness as she told us how she was starting to believe in Jesus. She admitted she had much to learn. We visited her several times while we were in Phnom Penh, and on every hospital visit she asked us to pray for her before we left.

About a month later, we went to Dumchi for Sabbath worship. We knew Greg and Molly would be leaving the project soon, and we would need to help more directly with the village work when they were gone, so we wanted to get better acquainted with the believers there. Several people from the village attended the Bible study, and afterwards we stayed and visited. Soon, Dot came and shyly greeted us. It was good to see her again! The following week, she and her husband decided that they wanted to take a stand for Jesus and have their house cleansed of all spirit fetishes and dedicated to Christ. We were excited about this step of faith and went to support Dot and Lima in their decision.

Shortly after their house-cleansing ceremony, Dot showed her missionary spirit by asking Greg, Jonathan, and Makara (a young man who works with us) to go with her and visit her grandmother and aunt in another village in order to share Jesus with them.

Now Dot and Lima are studying for baptism, and Jonathan has been privileged to participate in the studies. The last time they studied the Bible together, he came home and told me how the story of Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross touched Dot’s heart, bringing tears to her eyes. Please pray for Dot and her family as they continue to learn more of Jesus’ love for them.

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