The rainy season is over and to a certain extend I will miss the thunderstorms and heavy rain in the evenings…to me a thunderstorm has always being one of the ways of experiencing God’s power.

The Susu project has opened a second SDA school in Fria… a total Muslim town.. and the Muslim parents of Fria are steadily coming in to register their children in a SDA Christian School.

God is so good He works in ways that we can’t understand. Clearly we can see how the Holy Spirit works in hearts of people even when they are in rebellion against God…God died for us even when we were His enemies.

At this stage I am busy working on the curriculum for the two schools in Fria…and I see it as a privilege and a blessing because I realize that many Muslim children will be able to learn about Jesus through the health message even when I have left Fria and Guinea.
These classes will be taught as from Grade four through to grade twelve.

I find it challenging to put the curriculum together on a basic level so that the children can understand it and connect health and hygiene with their (unknown to them) Savior…but God is ever so gracious and as always He leads and guides with Godly wisdom.

No schools are yet open in Guinea because of the Ebola Virus but it is with excitement that I am waiting for the opening to teach this special and much needed information to the children and see how God is going to plant little seeds of faith in the hearts of Muslim children.

Please would you pray for the school, the children, the teachers, and everyone else that is working together to open the door of truth, light, and life in the darkness of this Muslim world through our schools.

Please will you also pray for the programme at Fria church that we have begun to present last Sabbath. It will be continuing for about three months as we are connecting the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation with the Gospel in Jesus and the Sanctuary. Please pray for hearts to be touched and changed… and that God alone will be doing the teaching through human voices.

Thank you for your prayers and your financial support…you are ever so often in our prayers as we realize that the evil one attacks the missionaries back home just as fiercely as us in the field because he knows you are making it possible for us to work through your prayers and your financial contributions.
God bless you.

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