Donor, Meet Ministry

We were sharing Sabbath lunch with two precious young families, and I was enjoying the baby talk when my phone rang. Caller ID revealed it was Mable, one of our very first donors.

“Hello! Happy Sabbath!” Mable’s voice was soft and gentle. “I heard your report in Sabbath School this morning, and I just wanted to tell you that I have another $1,000 for you to help you reach your goal quickly.” We had shared in our report at Sabbath School that we were very close to finishing our fundraising.

We were touched by Mable’s generous heart for missions. She is retired and living on a fixed income, but she had already donated $1,000 toward our launching goal and committed to $25 in monthly support earlier in our fundraising. We have thanked God many times for the inspiration of her generous giving. She told us, “I’ve been saving toward the purchase of living-room carpet, but when I heard that you folks were going as missionaries with AFM in your retirement, I felt impressed that my old carpet was adequate. I want this money to go to mission work.”

I reassured her that the Lord had already supplied our launching goal, and that our monthly support was close to completion. However, sitting at our table was another young missionary couple who had arrived that week and were just starting their fundraising. Would she be willing to help them? “Sure! I’d love to help them,” she immediately responded.

A few days later, I had the joy of introducing the missionary couple to Mable and seeing the beginning of a mutually fulfilling missionary-donor relationship.


Love you guys SO MUCH!  Looking forward to seeing you on Grad weekend.  Praying for God’s special guidance and strength and courage and blessing as you press the battle to the gates!  Our God is an AWESOME GOD!

By Jay N Helene Thomas on August 03 2017, 10:50 am

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