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It was quiet and dark; as best I knew, Deon and I were alone at the inn where we were staying. Walking down the long passage to our room, I caught a glimpse of something out of the corner of my eye. Startled, I jumped. I walked faster and jerked the door open. Deon was surprised when he saw my white face. “What’s wrong?” he asked.

“I think I saw someone,” I said softly.

“Where?” he asked, surprised.

“In the hallway.”

“Did it look like someone was looking over your shoulder?”

“Yes!” I exclaimed, “How did you know?” He laughed, took me by my hand and showed me the culprit . . .

During our furlough, we were privileged to visit many dear friends. On one church visit, we learned from a junior devotional called “Make God First” by Eric B. Hare that we each cast a shadow over people as we go by.
The story touched me. I had never thought of life quite that way before. Do I have a shadow? I’m not talking about the dark area created when I block light from a source. I’m talking about the influence I have. How does my shadow affect people? It’s a hard question to answer. People don’t always share how they feel.

Maybe you have not realized yet that you have a shadow or influence that makes people feel glad to see you or upset when you come around. Your influence can make them better or worse; it can encourage them or discourage them. What shadow do you cast when you meet people? Do you leave people with a draining, dark shadow, or do you cast a warm, positive, inspiring shadow? Our shadow or influence has a great deal to do with the condition of our hearts and minds.

We are often unaware of the shadow we cast, and the story was an excellent reminder to always be aware of our shadow. God has a way of talking to us. Often, it is through other people. Make sure your influence will help someone to be ready when Jesus comes.
“Here, Love,” Deon said as he pointed to the window in the door.

“Oh, my!” I said, grinning.

I want to see Jesus looking over my shoulder so that I won’t be fearful of my own reflection in the door. Then I will be sure that my influence is not my own but that of the Holy Spirit. I pray that as our shadows fall on someone today, they will be shadows of healing, peace, and love, much as the disciple Peter casts in the book Acts.

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