Contemporary Visions

This past April during one of our special prayer sessions, God miraculously answered our prayers for insight into Satan’s plans against our growing church. While we were praying in twos, one of our younger deacons named Kinin received two visions. Kinin didn’t immediately tell us what he had seen, but his prayer partner noticed his countenance had changed and urged him to tell what had happened. In the first vision, Kinin saw Satan on the roof of our church listening in on our prayers and vying for the attention of some of our members. In the second vision, he saw our members gathered in a valley where a violent earthquake opened pits in the ground, and many members fell into them.

As we continued praying for God to let us understand the full message behind these visions, the first attack came. The day before my family left to the States for furlough, a violent argument broke out between two of our deacons, leading one of them to swear angrily that he would not be reconciled to the other deacon even if Christ were to come down from heaven and tell him to do so. His rage broke our hearts and brought several of us to tears, myself included.

As Seventh-day Adventists, we believe that the gift of prophecy did not cease at the close of the apostolic era. We believe that the ministry of Mrs. White continues to play an important role for our church, providing us some of the guidance God promised His people during end times. We thank Him for His faithfulness to His promises. Let us continue to pray for His guidance in our lives, communities and world church. Thank you for your prayers and support.

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