Grey dust billows down the vast riverbed as hordes of people gather in a tent pitched against one bank. Songs of praise soon rise to the God who created them. Alangan believers from eight different villages mingle with the Tawbuid newcomers, excited to find fellow believers from their neighboring tribe. Old timers from the first Alangan baptisms mentor the newest believers from last year’s baptism. Bible study interests from the Tawbuid tribe tentatively peer out from behind their friends, hoping to find out what Adventism is all about. All are excitedly looking forward to a huge group supper and the traditional Bible quiz afterward.

It’s camp meeting time again on Mindoro. For three days, Alangan and Tawbuid, old and young, come together to enjoy good food, revel in each other’s company, and most of all to praise the God who brought us out of great darkness and into His marvelous light. May God bring us together again next year more numerous and more joyful than ever before.

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