Business or Ministry . . . or Both?

From our first introduction, we were struck by his dedication to God and trust in Him. When we first met, he ran a tour business, then quit to become a pastor, which meant a significant income loss. After a while, Augustus stopped pastoring and focused on working with young people. He is currently living by faith and volunteering his time to ministry.

We have been thinking a lot about how we can inspire more mission-minded activity by the lay members in Cambodia. In fact, training lay members to share with and train others to share is vital if we are going to take the gospel to the world in this generation. However, here in Cambodia, as in so many other parts of the world, most people rely on the pastor or ministry professionals to do that work. In Cambodia, it is often seen as “worldly” to pursue business or other significant money-making endeavors. Thus, spiritually minded people often steer away from such things so they are not thought of as loving the world more than Christ. We are realizing there needs to be someone to live the example of working at a business with a missionary mindset woven into its heart. This would demonstrate how God can use ordinary people to spread the gospel.

We recently approached Augustus with the idea of his having a business that wove ministry and basic missionary training into it and his life. He is receptive to collaborating with us on this concept. Please pray that God will lead in this relationship and how we work with Augustus to provide a living example of this ministry model.

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