Blessed Discomfort

“Jason, I’m losing my hair!” I exclaimed recently as I studied my thinning hairline in the mirror. I hadn’t realized that the upheaval of the last several months had affected me so much. We had moved away from our church family, Jason’s employment, our friends, piano teacher and weekly routine, our home and familiar surroundings. Now we live in Jason’s parents’ home. Though they are wonderful hosts, it’s still not home. Most of our belongings are in boxes. I feel like I’m constantly looking for something, and often I can’t find it.

However, the blessing of our situation dawned on me when I read this quote from Ellen White’s writings: “It is a great kindness on the part of our heavenly Father when He allows us to be placed under circumstances that lessen the attractions of earth, and lead us to place our affections on things above.”

Theoretically, I know my true home is in heaven, but my human tendency is to settle in and make myself comfortable on earth. I love to be comfortable! I continually look for ways to make my little nest more cozy or convenient, and for a while I was really making progress! But now, in God’s great kindness, He has pushed me out of my nest into a strange world of discomfort, unpredictability and making-do so I can learn that I am a pilgrim and stranger on earth and get busy doing my Father’s business.

Is God lessening the attraction of earth for you? I pray that you and I will allow the discomfort, friction and pain in our lives to increase our love for God and our yearning for heaven. I want to trust God to guide me through the rough waters of this transition, knowing that He is leading me to love Him more.

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