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My girls love dolls. They always have. Today, however, they have real babies as playmates.

Last year during the COVID-19 outbreak, we started regularly visiting a children’s home which recently was given three babies and four toddlers, all within a month. They are so cute, and we immediately fell in love with them. They also received a newborn baby girl, Lizzy. Since the home needed help while they hired more staff, my girls and I volunteered to help give baths, change diapers, feed and rock them to sleep. This has been a highlight for Lina and Adela.

The children’s home asked us to hold worship on Sunday’s, so we and Ali (another missionary) and her dad present a children’s service. We feel so blessed to love these precious children who do not have families to care for them—it’s like one big Christian family!

In the beginning, the children liked to play with us and especially my husband, as they do not have a father figure on staff. They love to climb on his lap and back, be picked up and swung around, pull on his beard, hang on his leg, and slobber on him. But now I feel they actually love us. They blanket us with hugs and beam with joy.

Please pray for our new little friends whom I consider more like our family. May God bless you for your prayers and support.

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