Australia, Canada and Beyond

Have you ever been in a situation where you didn’t know exactly what you would be doing for the Lord? He has plans we know nothing about. We are transitioning to be ambassadors at large for AFM. What does this mean? We will spend time in Australia, Canada and other countries looking for more missionaries to help finish the great commission. Also, we will be seeking prayer partners and new missionaries as well as funds to support them. In this way AFM can expand into new locations around the world.
Have you ever asked someone in your local church if they have heard of AFM? Perhaps they replied, “Is that part of Global missions?” Or, “No, I haven’t heard of that.” In Canada large numbers of Adventists have not heard about AFM. In Australia, very few have heard of AFM. We hope to change that by raising awareness of AFM in churches in these two countries.

In the war for souls, the battle lines move back and forth. Missionaries experience highs and lows, breakthroughs and setbacks. They carry scars that are physical, emotional and psychological. Sometimes there are holes on the front line, places where there is an urgent need for extra boots on the ground. Part of our role will be to provide experienced, mature leadership whenever there is the need.

COVID-19 has complicated our plans, but God knew this would happen and is working behind the scenes to make a way. We can only trust Him and do as He asks in this new missionary work. Nothing is impossible with God. We rejoice as our work continues through digital communications.

We believe that Jesus is coming back very soon, and we want to be somewhere working for our Lord. Thank you for working with us to help reach the unreached of the world.

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