A New Chapter in Ireland

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I love Jesus so much. He’s done so much for me. I can’t stop talking about him!” Helen said enthusiastically. We were sitting in her home catching up on recent happenings in her life. “I’ve been going to a Bible study group on Wednesday evenings,” Helen continued. “They’re lovely people, but one lady said she thought I was brave to be speaking about Jesus so much. I thought it was strange for her to say that. I don’t know where I would be without Jesus. He has saved me from so much. It’s the most natural thing in the world for me to talk about Him!”

Helen told us she had recently given a fellow student a ride from college, and it wasn’t long before she started talking about Jesus. “I knew there was something about you,” he responded. “I’m a believer myself!” He then began to share his testimony of finding Jesus after being in the Catholic Church and the New Age.

As we talked further, Helen said she had been studying about the early church in the book of Acts. “I want Irish people to experience that kind of church family—a loving, caring community where people are involved in one another’s lives.” Our hearts praised God as Helen continued to share her understanding of what she had been studying in the Bible. She has truly grasped the concept of the New Testament church model and has invited others to come to her home on Friday evenings and Sabbaths to worship Jesus and share a time of Bible study and testimony.

She asked us to share some insights about how she could improve her prayer life, and we were happy to give suggestions and demonstrate some things she could do. We had a beautiful time of worship with her to close the Sabbath.

We are grateful for the seeds sown by the Dyserts during the time they were in Ireland, which are now bearing fruit in the lives of people like Helen. The time has come to fully transition the project to the Irish Mission under the spiritual leadership of Pastor Lorance Johnson. The Burkes are beginning a new chapter of their lives with their baby daughter.

We are eager to see how God will continue to grow the work in Ireland. Not only has He been bringing Helen on an exciting spiritual journey (she has even shared about the Sabbath with the mid-week Bible study group she attends), but He has been bringing light to others caught in the darkness of the New Age and Catholic systems.

Thank you for your faithful support of AFM’s projects in Ireland over the years. We have been privileged to meet many wonderful Irish people whose lives have been touched by the various people who served on these projects. Please join us in praying that many more Irish will experience a personal relationship with Jesus, and the beautiful Emerald Isle will truly sparkle with the light of the gospel.

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