A Good Education

“I’‘m afraid this is going to be very difficult for you.” Though the headmaster wasn’t talking to me, I felt my stomach tighten. He looked imposing behind his wide, polished desk. He looked at the young girl sitting beside me and said sternly but kindly, “You’re going to have to work very hard to succeed here. In fact, I would recommend going back a year. But we are willing to give you a chance.”

As we left the school, I could see the conflicting emotions on my young friend’s face—hope mixed with sadness. “I think it was a mistake for me to go to those other schools. My education isn’t very good,” she said sadly. “But my father couldn’t afford to send me to a better school. Only rich people get to go to good schools.”

My heart broke for her. The gap between the haves and have-nots was suddenly very clear to her, and it hurt. “It isn’t your fault,” I said. “Your parents have done the best they can. Now you have an opportunity to go to a good school, but you’ve got to work very hard.”

There are so many worthy students in similar situations. My heart feels heavy thinking about them. I can’t help them all, but I can help one.

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