A Few Good Men

Twelve good men. Okay, eleven. How did Jesus find them? I guess he didn’t. He made them. Often, I ponder this as I struggle to find one or two good men here and try to polish the ones I’ve been given. Through our church’s door come the needy, handicapped, jobless, sometimes faithless, and certainly the uneducated. Sigh. Is this the material I am to work with, Lord? Maybe I should run an advertisement in the newspaper: “Wanted: men who cannot be bought or sold, men who will be as true to duty as the needle to the pole,” and see who applies.

Muslims criticize the New Testament for being so earthy, like a story. “The Quran,” they say, “is God speaking.” But I am encouraged that the New Testament testifies of the rough, loud, bickering disciples. Why? Because those guys turn into firebrands by Acts 2! All of Asia Minor needed to be evangelized, and those 11 characters did it.

Dear God, please send me men who can turn the world upside down again. With Love, Your worker in Asia Minor.

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