A Bug in the Ear

Khun Sun is our person of peace whom we disciple. Over the last several months, she and her two-year-old daughter have experienced some unusual interactions with bugs.

Several months ago, she called me when something flew into her daughter’s ear during their afternoon walk, which resulted in a visit to the ER. We met her at the hospital, where, to the doctor’s surprise, they pulled out a good-sized beetle. Months later, while Khun Sun was having dinner, something flew into her ear. I was not in town this time, so Rene and our daughters picked her up to take her to the hospital since she does not drive, and getting transportation out of her little village is difficult, especially at random times.

On the way, Khun Sun was in tremendous pain. Lina, my oldest daughter, volunteered to pray for her. Afterward, the bug slowly crawled out of her inner ear, and Khun Sun was able to finish pulling it out. Thank God!

My family and I had a couple of takeaways from this experience. The first is the power of prayer. So often, we forget to pray at all times or underestimate the importance and effectiveness of prayer. The second is discipleship. We are mindful that we disciple Khun Sun, but how often do we forget that our children are also our disciples? They see us day in and day out. If I had been home, Rene would have been driving, and I would have been the one praying. Since I was out of town, Lina stepped in and prayed, and the bug came out. What an opportunity for her to strengthen her faith.

God is doing so much in Khun Sun’s village through the work of the Holy Spirit and the seeds that Khun Sun and others have planted. Please pray with us for many Bible study groups in her village.

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