Jonathan Gerst

Volunteer Missionary Candidate serving the Ama of Papua New Guinea since 2021.

Jonathan feels blessed to have grown up in a family that read mission stories. He has always been excited to hear how God has moved in powerful ways as men and women went out to share the story of God’s love with others. Since childhood, he often wondered if God would work in such dynamic ways for him.

God has been calling and opening doors to mission service through Jonathan’s life. In first grade, when asked to think about what he wanted to be when he grew up, he and his friend Erick decided they would be missionaries. He did not realize it at the time, but God was helping Jonathan to see His plan for his future.

In high school, God opened the way for Jonathan to go to Tanzania to help build a church, participate in VBS and enjoy a month-long evangelistic campaign. The experience helped fuel his desire to be a student missionary (SM) during his college years.

During his second year at Union College, Jonathan followed God’s promptings and started the process of becoming a student missionary. He was looking for a place to work with his hands, as he thought teaching or medical-related calls were not in his skillset. He envisioned serving in a remote location, helping to build schools and churches and using his handyman skills. But God had a better plan. Though all doors appeared shut, and with very little time remaining in the school year, a recruiter from Japan gave a presentation to prospective SMs. Jonathan did not think he had the skills to teach English, but the recruiter said, “We want you.” Seemingly overnight, all doors opened, and Jonathan was getting ready to serve in Japan. Without a doubt, Jonathan knows God opened the door for him to go and reach the people through teaching conversational English.

Through all life’s ups and downs, God has kept calling Jonathan. He can see that God’s loving care and guidance have led him. Many miracles and answers to prayers have taken place. Now God had placed a new desire to serve on Jonathan’s heart, and God has called him to go to the people of Papua New Guinea and work with the Ama and surrounding people groups. Jonathan is eager to share God’s love with the Ama and see how the Lord continues to lead. Please pray for the Ama people and AFM’s outreach. Jonathan looks forward to sharing how God keeps answering prayers and moving in monumental ways.

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