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Michael Babienco is the Recruiter for AFM.
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Frontier Stories

God’s Mission Statement

God does not want us to sit idly by and watch Google, the BBC, and other companies do better at reaching the whole earth. He asks us to join Him in being a part of His movement, and we can start preparing for and participating in that work today.

By: Michael Babienco
July 01 2022, 2:33 pm | Comments 0

Clap! Clap! Clap!

The clapping game participants and the early church believers started movements by sharing with others. You, too, can go and help start a new movement among an unreached people group

By: Michael Babienco
June 01 2022, 9:47 am | Comments 0

Apples, Cat Videos, the Unreached and You

Instead of being preoccupied with the coolest app or latest gadget, why not join one of the most significant movements in Earth’s history—sharing the gospel with every nation, tribe, tongue and people? You, too, have been called. Go and change the world through Him. For Him. For eternity.

By: Michael Babienco
May 10 2022, 10:47 am | Comments 0

Are We There Yet?

By using your skills and talents, you can make our aging vehicle, Model Earth Edition, start moving faster towards its ultimate destination: a rescue by our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, at His second coming (2 Peter 3:11-12). Don’t complain that we have not made it to heaven yet. Do something about it instead—now!—and help us all get there sooner.

By: Michael Babienco
February 08 2022, 2:34 pm | Comments 0

Finished Through the Goodness of Almighty God

You have the opportunity to influence an entire people group for Christ. Will you express your thankfulness to God for His salvation by choosing to share Jesus with them in their language and cultural context?

By: Michael Babienco
January 11 2022, 3:22 pm | Comments 0

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