Cristian Emanuel & Solange Jara

AFM-Brazil Short-term missionaries for 2020, serving the Palawano of the Philippines.

Cristian met Jesus at age 14 when his mother died. At that moment his local church received him as part of the family and from that moment on his love and commitment for Christ has grown more and more. He has been a Bible instructor for 5 months and participated in 2 evangelistic campaigns. Has worked for many years as a canvasser and led missionary trips around Argentina. Having graduated in River Plate University last year, he is now serving as a volunteer in our Adventist university in Ecuador as a chaplain.
Solange was born in a Christian home, her father is a pastor and he taught her since childhood to love God, she got baptized when she was six years old and from that moment she has never left God. At church she has always helped with the children’s ministry, and at the university has helped and led many missionary activities. In 2019 she is serving as a volunteer at our Adventist university in Ecuador.

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