Carrie Hann

Student Missionary 2012-2017. Career missionary 2017-present.

My Mom taught my sisters and me to enjoy reading, and we read many missions stories as we were growing up. When I was 16 years old I went on a mission trip to Ecuador. After that, I knew God was calling me to long-term missions.

After I graduated from nursing school, I went to Southern Adventist University to study music. My plan was to get my bachelor’s degree in music and at the same time get experience working as a nurse and then see where in the mission field God led me. During my first year at Southern I found out about their student-mission program and felt God calling me to apply. He led me here to Palawan where my dream of mission nursing came true. After four and a half years, I returned to the States for part of a year to finish my fundraising and attend AFM summer training to make the transition to career missionary.

The Palawan Project does church planted through a clinic, multiple mission schools and other ministries. The clinic provides medical care for the Palawano people that they wouldn’t have access to otherwise. Through the clinic we are able to meet and interact with people from many villages and it provides ministry opportunities that otherwise may not be possible as we minister to them not only physically but also spiritually.

Frontier Stories

Kemantian Week of Prayer

Will you join me in praising God for the way He is working in these students’ lives? Please pray that they will grow in their faith and that the commitments they made will last through eternity.

By: Carrie Hann
May 01 2020, 4:29 pm | Comments 0

Visiting Maman

Please pray for Maman Miyuna and his family, that he will recover and that his heart will open as he reads God’s word. 

By: Carrie Hann
April 01 2020, 10:03 am | Comments 0

Riyana’s Labor

The women tied her to a stretcher and secured the baby’s body in her skirts, and the men prepared to carry her down the steep trail to the clinic.

By: Justina Thomas & Carrie Hann
February 25 2020, 1:28 pm | Comments 0

Open Hearts

It was exciting to see that he believed in God’s power to help and wanted us to pray for it.

By: Carrie Hann
February 01 2020, 8:44 am | Comments 0

The Love Spell

How blessed we are as Christians not to live in fear of being hit by a love spell or any other type of spell or curse. Our God is so much stronger than our enemy. Please pray for Mary and her family that they will seek freedom in God.

By: Carrie Hann
January 01 2020, 9:47 am | Comments 0

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