Great River Medical Ministry

The Great River People Project would like to start a medical ministry based around a small outpost clinic in an area where there are no clinics at all. Having a medical ministry presence will provide the project with evangelism opportunities in a farm town where a lot of people live during the farm season.

We plan to buy a small piece of land for $4,000 to build a small clinic. The land is anticipated to go up in price, but God performed a miracle of connections to find a tract at this price.

The clinic will be operated by a local community member who has finished all the paperwork through the Ministry of Health and Province government to set up a clinic. This nurse will charge minimal fees for service and medications. This is acceptable within the local community, and will ensure a sustainable living for a local disciple. All incomes generated by the clinic will go to cover the nurse’s salary and replenish necessary medical and nursing supplies. A project steering committee will ensure transparent management of the finances to avoid private inurement or excess private benefit, and to promote the long-term sustainability of the ministry.

This special project will eventually need a medical transport vehicle for the clinic. One of the requirements of a rural clinic is that the clinic help with transportation to the nearest hospital for patients beyond their ability and qualifications. This vehicle can also be used for traveling back and forth for Sabbath fellowship, Bible study, translation, or health training programs.

A new pickup, suitable for this rural area, could be purchased for $29,000. A pick up is a good choice because riding in air conditioning makes the local people nauseous, so they prefer lying down on mats in the back of a pickup.

So the total start-up for this ministry is $40,000: Land $4,000, Building $4,825, Equipment, furnishings and start-up supplies $2,575, medical transport vehicle $29,000.

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