Fundraising Explained

People sometimes ask us why AFM missionary fundraising goals seem high. It is an important question and there are three good reasons.

Reason 1

Cross-cultural mission work that uses expatriates rather than native workers is more costly. The important thing to remember is that AFM works where (a) there are no native workers or (b) where native workers are unable to work with a particular unreached people group. In addition, sometimes the only way to evangelize an unreached group is by having a physical presence among them.

Reason 2

We believe in caring for our missionaries. Our workers sacrifice much to answer God’s call to be cross-cultural church planters. When AFM hires an employee, the cost of hiring includes not only salary but Social Security contributions, health insurance, retirement, workman’s comp., etc. We rely on the Spirit-guided generosity of donors like you to meet the necessary expense of taking care of our missionaries as they perform their unique and vital ministry.

Reason 3

You are funding a movement, not just a missionary. Your donations don’t just provide living expenses for missionaries; they fund church-planting movements from the bottom up. Those of you with business backgrounds can appreciate the cost of starting up a new work!

For more information, Erin White, our Development Director, explains the reasoning and budgeting in this PDF download.


The following links provide a general breakdown of the funding categories.

Launching: The launching goal includes all the funds needed to get the missionary into the field. This includes project development, professional testing, orientation, salary, benefits, fundraising costs, training, travel and shipping to mission site, management costs, and Adventist Frontiers.

Monthly: The monthly goal includes the funds necessary to sustain the missionary in the field. This includes items like salary, benefits, rent, project expenses, management costs, Adventist Frontiers, and attrition.

A detailed breakdown of a sample budget for a family of four is provided here:

In keeping with AFM’s high calling, we want to be as transparent as possible. At your request, we would be happy to send you an audited financial statement for AFM’s operations. If you have any questions or concerns regarding funding, please call Erin White at 800-YES-4-AFM.