AFM and Tithe

Due to our commitment to support the worldwide Seventh-day Adventist (SDA) movement, AFM does not knowingly accept funds designated as tithes. We acknowledge that individuals may consider their donations to AFM as tithes, and we respect this as a matter of personal conscience between them and God. However, we will decline any donations designated as tithe and return the funds to the donor. This policy is driven by our belief that, despite how a person views any particular part of the church body in their faithfulness to carrying out God’s mission, the worldwide SDA Church remains true to Scripture. We also seek to model for new disciples among the unreached what it means to be part of God’s end-time remnant movement. We consider it both a privilege and duty to contribute to the worldwide SDA Church’s mission and the advance of God’s kingdom among the unreached. We encourage you to direct your tithe to your local conference, ensuring support for local initiatives while still inviting you to make sacrificial non-tithe offerings to AFM. Your generosity will further our mission to share the gospel in regions where Jesus is not yet known.