Pathfinders/Church Planting Assistant, West Africa (Benin)

The Call

WADba01-1 or 02-1,2 Pathfinders/Church Planting Assist. (Benin) – Assist a local Bible worker as he plants churches in surrounding villagers. Lead Pathfinders, training older members to take over and adjusting the program as needed for this region. Be willing to lead services, give Bible studies, visit interests in outlying villages to encourage, train new believers. Assist in every way possible as churches are planted in this remote unreached area. Learn French/local dialect. Two locations: Nati (1) or Bouko (2)

The People

Known for their diligence and hard work the Ottamari people are mostly animistic, meaning they seek to manipulate the spiritual world by gifts, sacrifices and charms.

The Project

The Career Missionaries at this project have effectively finished a project in another location and have moved farther into the interior to plant churches in this area as well. To learn more, view the project page for Ottamari

Get Started

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