English Teacher, Tai-kadai of S.E. Asia


The Call

AS/LT-06 and AS/LT-07 English Teacher – Workers needed: Two units who will teach in a school system, building a relationship with both children and adults, bringing them closer to Jesus.

The People

The Tai-Kadai people are mostly subsistence farmers and emerald green rice paddies stretch across the country. Life expectancy among these people is between 60 and 65 and more than 2/3 of them are literate. Many still adhere to ancestor worship, which is mixed in with Buddhism.

The Project

Because evangelism is forbidden, we are operating a language school and meeting people that way. Missionaries will teach English at this language school and integrate into the community, forming connections and bonds that will help to build relationships outside the school grounds, providing a safe ground to begin Bible study groups. To learn more, view the project page for Tai-Kadai

Get Started

Questions? Contact Recruiter@AFMonline.org for more details about this opportunity.