Complete your people-group research project and submit the form using the link below.

Download the word document here (On the top righthand side of the page click on the three dots to the right of the “Open” and “Share” buttons)

Upload the completed people group research here


  1. Pray for your people group
  2. Find someone from your people group in your city, county, state or province.
  3. Find ways to mingle with people far away from God as one who desires their good
  4. Find one practical way to minister to their needs and win their confidence
  5. Look for opportunities to share your personal spiritual journey with them
  6. Share your personal testimony
  7. Teach one person to share their personal testimony
  8. Teach one person to teach one person to share their personal testimony


Teach one 1.5 hour classes on missions using PathWays to a minimum of three people who will in turn share your lecture with one person. You must submit teaching materials and student evaluations for your presentation.

Submit Course Outline and the PowerPoint or Keynote file you created, names of people you taught and the names of the people they taught.

Student Evaluation Form