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Suzy & Fidel Baldwin-Noutehou

Career missionaries since 1999, first serving the Otammari people of Benin and now serving the Pendjari.

    Recent photos

The Mercy Ship

Suzy & Fidel Baldwin-Noutehou June 10 2001, 8:13 pm

We were on our way to the Mercy Ship in Cotonou, bringing two older gentlemen who needed cataract surgery. We left Natitingou at 4:30 a.m. to make it to our appointment at 2 p.m. It was so early that the roads were empty, even of animals.

The Leg that Wouldn’t Heal

Suzy & Fidel Baldwin-Noutehou November 10 2000, 9:18 pm

What would you do if your leg were covered with sores? As one sore heals, another takes its place. Image that, on top of the sores, your entire leg is full of pain because of a massive infection. What would you do if you suffered from the sores and pain for six long years?

Cross-Country Biking

Suzy & Fidel Baldwin-Noutehou September 10 2000, 8:23 pm

At the door of the house, a lady with a very tiny baby strapped to her back greeted us. An old grandma was also there with two more little children. The grandma came out with a small basket cage and let a hen and her 10 little fluffy chicks out to forage.


Suzy & Fidel Baldwin-Noutehou July 10 2000, 8:27 pm

Almost before he was out of sight, they ran to Albertine’s house and told her to quickly pack and get ready to leave. Albertine has been living with Uli (Ulrike Baur) and me for almost a year and a half now.