Special Projects

Pahari Women Disciples’ Empowerment

Agro-Industry in Tanguieta

Pendjari Solar Power and Water Well - Baldwin

Ministry Center for the Great River People

Great River People - Missionary House - Kiwis

Great River People - Missionary House - Roberts

Great River People Vehicle - Roberts

South Africa Office and Training Center

Compressed Earth Block Machine - Roberts

Gogodala Training Center - Phase 2

Susu Radio Ministry

Palawano School Building

Massey Vehicle

Pnong School Building

Turkey Publishing Fund

Tai-Kadai Publishing Project


Susu Project - Maghreb Outreach

AFM Refugee Ministry

Palawano Mission Clinic

Palawano Student Scholarship Fund

AFM Center—Wish List

The AFM Center in Berrien Springs, MI is in need of some equipment to better run their operations. If you would like to donate any of the following items, please contact our AFM Facility Manager at 269-252-2105.

  • 1 Mower deck w/ PTO (Power take off) on a 3 point hitch — For the tractor
  • 1 Portable Generator — Small mobile unit
  • 1 Industrial Blower Fan — For drying carpet and floors quick after cleaning.
  • Signs — Children Playing, Parking, No Parking, Step2 Kid Alert (3 of these)
  • 1 Log Splitter — Gas or electric powered

We will update this list as items are donated.