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Christopher & Shannon Sorensen

Career Missionaries since 2003, serving the Central Thai people of Thailand.

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Gifts of Love

Christopher and Shannon Sorensen April 01 2012, 11:15 am | 0 Comments

Phii Nut is giving her time and service to God, worshiping regularly with us and volunteering for the church by making food for our radio training seminars and decorating for special events like Pastor Timothy’s recent wedding.

Spiritual Battles in the Land of Nan

Christopher & Shannon Sorensen June 01 2003, 11:42 pm | 0 Comments

“We have to go—now!” said Brian, tears welling up in his eyes. I apologized to the realtors and tried to set up another appointment with them as we ran out the door, not sure why we were running so fast.

In the truck, Brian explained that the call was from the province of Nan where he and Duang had lived and worked for many years. Lai Jiem’s mother had just died in an accident. He didn’t know any details. They would have to break the news to her.

Our Strange Job and the FBI

Christopher & Shannon Sorensen April 02 2003, 12:37 am | 0 Comments

As we visited, he asked if he could see our passports. I didn’t think anything of it. People are often intrigued with this little book that gives a person license to travel to faraway places. But then he proceeded to copy my full name, my passport number, its place and date of issue, expiration, etc. into a notebook. This made me nervous.

Peace For My Fear

Christopher & Shannon Sorensen December 02 2002, 12:31 am | 1 Comment

One of my biggest fears was confronting me. What if my husband were to die in Thailand? He’s not sick. But Adoniram Judson lost two wives and three kids, J.N. Andrews lost a daughter, Hudson Taylor lost a wife and daughter, and then AFM missionary Brad Jolly recently died.

On the Move

Christopher & Shannon Sorensen November 02 2002, 12:27 am | 0 Comments

“Where’s home for you?” the man asked. “Good question!” I replied. We have parents in Pennsylvania and Utah, our church membership is in Tennessee, our mail goes to AFM in Michigan, and we have stayed with six families in the past four weeks.

Our Training

Christopher & Shannon Sorensen September 01 2002, 11:21 pm | 0 Comments

Shannon and I were recently training at Summer Institute of Frontier Missions, learning how to plant a church among the Northern Khmer of Thailand. Perhaps you’ve wondered what sort of things future AFM missionaries study.